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Bulk SMS Service Provider Company In Bangladesh
Start Your Bulk SMS Reseller Business With Us!

Become a Bulk SMS Reseller and start bulk SMS business in Bangladesh at this period when you can easily make money online on a regular basis. We assure you that you would constantly get the cheapest bulk SMS in Bangladesh once you become a bulk SMS reseller of Bhavitra Tech solutions. Our organization remains the best bulk SMS reseller provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

At Bhavitra Techsolutions, we provide a reliable reseller SMS gateway that guarantees instant delivery of bulk SMS whether DND or Non-DND, accompanied with a detailed Delivery Report from Grameenphone, Airtel, as well as other local and foreign networks. Join bulk SMS reselling business today and start earning money regular without quitting your job.

Among our Bulk SMS Reseller Packages, Pro plan is our best deal for you. As a Professional Reseller, you would receive a Responsive Bulk SMS Website, Unlimited Resellers, Online Payment System, Automated Service Delivery, Recharge Vouchers, Branded Apps, Search Engine Optimization, and lots more. Sign Up Now!

At Bhavitra Techsoluitions, Our Bulk SMS Gateway is well-equipped and has a delivery rate of up to 15,000 SMS/Second in order to produce one of the fastest and most reliable messaging especially when compared with other Bulk SMS Service Providers in Bangladesh. We process all messages sent via our Bulk SMS Gateway and guarantee the highest delivery rate you could ever find in Bangladesh. Our customers keep saying that our Bulk SMS Service is cheap, fast, and very efficient. Be rest assured that your customers will also enjoy your bulk SMS service as you become one of our Bulk SMS Resellers.

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Check out the major features that are much enjoyable as you become a Bulk SMS Reseller:

Brand Customization:

Our Bulk SMS Reseller System offers a complete end-to-end hassle free solution for Bulk SMS Resellers with user friendly Control Panel to manage users’ account effectively. Bhavitra Techsolutions made it possible for you to own your Bulk SMS Website fully branded with your own identity without any trace of our brand on it.

Unlimited Resellers

Yes, Unlimited Resellers! Earn additional money from each Reseller Package. Of course, we would do all the work involved so you need not worry about how it would go. Yours is to earn more money while we deliver each Reseller Package on your behalf. Add this earning to revenues you receive from sales of bulk SMS units and watch you gain a mouth-watering profit at the end of each month.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Have you ever wondered why some of your favorite websites appear awkward when viewed with phones or tablets? It is simply because those websites were not designed to be “responsive”. Knowing such an issue may chase away your potential buyer, we have carefully ensured that your Bulk SMS Website would be very responsive and fully optimized for all mobile devices & for desktop also.

DND Delivery with Same Sender ID

Generally, messages delivered to DND Numbers are always associated with Sender IDs such as “rNotify”, “rUpdate” and so on. But the Bulk SMS Website that would be deployed for you would successfully deliver all messages with the same and original Sender ID to all DND Numbers. This special DND Feature would be a sales booster for you, coupled with the fact that your Bulk SMS Website would be fast and very efficient both on mobile and desktop. This DND Feature would certainly retain your customers because their brand (Sender ID) would always be well represented in all messages sent to their recipients. This feature is only available in Professional Reseller Package and we recommend that you consider this feature while making your choice.

Online Payment System

As we remain the top-notch Bulk SMS service provider for years, we have observed scenarios where a Bulk SMS Reseller was available for his customer but designated banks had already closed for the day or even gone on holiday times. We have therefore introduced Online Payment System for free. With our Interswitch-powered payment gateways, all that your customers need to do is to simply supply information on his Debit Card to Interswitch through your Bulk SMS Website and every other thing is automatically taken care of. The process is so simple and highly secure so you or your customers need not worry about any loss.

Recharge Vouchers

Your Bulk SMS Website would be able to generate and print out Recharge Vouchers as you specify. So your Recharge Vouchers can be sold through online platforms Like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. or at retail outlets inside/outside your country; same way conventional recharge cards are sold. You may also distribute your Recharge Vouchers to Agents to sell on your behalf and put some money in your pocket as Agent Fee. These Recharge Vouchers will automatically credit the sms account of whoever loads them on your Bulk SMS Website and details of each transaction will be always accesible for you.

Automated Service Delivery

Imagine a scenario where one of your customers ordered sms units but you happen to be in a meeting with your boss and you never employed a sales person prior this order. Should you loose the job in the bid of crediting your client or loose the potential buyer in the bid of saving your job? Well, we say no to either. Hence, your Bulk SMS Website would be developed to credit your customers automatically and also notify your customers accordingly without your slightest intervention. You would only receive an email or sms notification for such activities on your site.

Bundled SMS Units

In Bulk SMS Business in Bangladesh, don’t just expect patronage without offering some freebies that would encourage and assure your valuable customers. So we have suggested some sms plans for each Bulk sms Reseller Package so that you can easily leverage your sale to new customers in far-away states or countries who can’t physically come to where you are based on and efficiently use  your bulk sms service. With free sms units made available to them upon registering on your Bulk SMS Website, they would be able to verify your bulk sms service on their own.

Branded Web Application

Despite the fact that your Bulk SMS Website would be responsive; we have made a web app that would be accessible right from your Bulk SMS Website by any of your customers who prefers to use it to send bulk SMS. And guess What? Depending on the Reseller Package you opt for, your Web App would be exclusively customized or branded for your own Bulk SMS Website.

SMS Gateway API

You could have companies or businesses within your customer-base who may wish to connect their websites, the mobile apps directly to your Bulk SMS Website through your SMS gateway API. Bhavitra Techsolutions, therefore, integrated free SMS API that would be fully branded for Bulk SMS Website so that you can satisfy their demand by showing a case of skills.

Search Engine Optimization

Maybe you once owned a website and wondered why you never saw that website listed on search engines like Google.com for services the website portrays? Well, it simply means that a particular website was not well optimized for search engines. Generally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental aspect of Online Marketing – the practice of increasing traffic to a website through organic search engine results with the aid of researched keywords and other ethical methodologies. The business advantage of SEO is that it regularly provides quality traffic of real people that would patronize the business being advertised. This feature is only available in Professional bulk SMS Reseller Package (pro Plan) and we recommend that you include it in your choice.

Search Engine Submission

Rather than wait for search engines to crawl the Bulk SMS Service Website at their designated period; it will be better to submit it to leading search engines once we are done with the SEO of your Bulk SMS Website. With this in place, people would begin to know that your Bulk SMS Website exist and they can start patronising your bulk sms business. Similar to SEO, Search Engine Submission is also restricted to Professional Reseller Package (pro plan) and we recommend that you consider it as well.

1 Year Free Domain Registration

Each of our Bulk SMS Reseller Package comes with free domain registration for a period of 1 Year only. While .com.bd Domain is registered for Popular Reseller Package, .com is registered for Pro Bulk SMS Reseller Packages. Your Domain Name could also be used to convey other services you deem fit.

1 Year Free Web Hosting

Each of our Bulk SMS Reseller Package comes with a free web hosting plan for 1 Year only. It should be noted that our Bulk SMS Portal is designed to function exclusively on our servers so as to enhance security and efficiency. To this end, your own Bulk SMS Website and that of your entire Resellers would remain hosted on our servers but if you already have a web host, please consult with us so, that we can advise you on what to do. Despite that, you would be given full access to the Control Panel of your Bulk SMS Website so that you can freely create additional email addresses, upload/edit files, or carry out other ethical activities you desire.

Free Website Upgrade

New Technologies are unveiled from time to time and to keep up with the trend, we redeploy Reseller Bulk SMS Websites under Professional Reseller Package at no additional cost. Yes! A brand new Bulk SMS Website is re-developed and uploaded for free without any interference or obstruction on ongoing messages on the website.

Website Accommodates Other Businesses

By choosing Professional Reseller Package, other Online Businesses that have been proven for increased profits would be included in your Bulk SMS Website for you to earn additional money through those additional services without lifting a finger. Apart from the bundled businesses, you are free to include any other business (es) on the website at no additional cost.

24/7 Reseller Support

When we say you are never alone as our Bulk SMS Reseller, we mean every word of it. We are always available for you on Whatsapp (+880 1891-830112) where you can quickly place a call or make a request and you would be replied immediately. But if you desire a detailed reply, kindly fill our Contact Form or send an email to [email protected] and you would be replied promptly as well. You could also pay a visit to our office to discuss a tailored package that you believe would serve your best interest. Our office is located at H.M Plaza (10th Floor), Suite-09, Plot 34, Road-02, Sector-03, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh but please note that we do not receive payments at our office.

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