Guide-How to save a drowning website?

  • October 27, 2020
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Are you trying to juggle your drowning website? How can you do it? Of course, you can save your drowning website by building quality backlinks.

This article is going to guide you to build quality backlinks that will lead your website to higher rank on search engine result pages.

save a drowning website

What’s ahead?

  • What are backlinks?
  • What are good and bad backlinks?
  • Impact of Good Backlinks
  • How to acquire quality backlinks to save your website?

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) and an integral part of the success of a website.

When you are new to SEO, you may have encountered a range of words like “backlinks,” “link development,” and “internal and external links.”

Briefly, a backlink is a loop that leads back to your website from a site. Backlinks also known as incoming links establish a connection through the use of external links.

The more external backlinks you create from reputable sites with a strong domain authority, the more it has a beneficial impact on the reputation and rating of the search for your website.

What are good and bad backlinks?

Not all backlinks are considered effective and good. A ‘good’ backlink is one that arises from the same or similar niche or a specific and reputable domain.

When a website has a high domain authority and is based on a related subject to your own, then maybe the backlink is deemed acceptable.

The search engines like to see backlinks to high-quality sites connected to the outbound link. When a website links to your site entirely irrelevant to your subject, it is not considered as good.

good backlinks vs Bad backlinks

A usually ‘bad’ backlink is from an untrusted or irrelevant source. In certain instances, such sources are solely spammed sites that contain only backlinks.

Search engines scorn at poor backlinks and can also penalize websites using such approaches.

Bad backlinks are known to be spam, which may cause your website considerable damage.

Also, if it decreases the overall number of backlinks you have, it is better to erase bad links to boost your SEO activities and position it higher in rankings.

Ensure you just connect to the pages from which you would like to collect backlinks.

Impact of Good Backlinks

If you intend to increase your website traffic consistently, it is vital to have high-quality backlinks from credible sources.

The results of creating consistency backlinks are numerous, starting from the Search engine results score.

Backlinking will automatically increase your ranking, based on the domain authorities of the websites, by linking to reputable sites and in addition to receiving links.

Backlinks will also let crawlers quicker find the website, resulting in fast lookups. It is especially important for new websites because you want users to find your website almost as much because you want the search engines to rank it (to make it accessible on your forum).

Impact of backlinks on SEO

The ability to obtain referral traffic is another significant bonus of creating good backlinks.

Rather than discovering your website directly from the search engines, backlinks help Web users to go from another similar site to your website.

Typically, with referral traffic, the consumer is interested in the details you give when you click on the website, resulting in a low bounce.

Since links can be displayed both to web visitors and search engines, backlinks can also be used for promotional reasons.

Creating links on reputable pages builds trust in the target market.

The more good backlinks you have, the more acquainted and comfortable customers you will attract towards your brand.

How to acquire quality backlinks to save your website?

There are various ways to get backlinks from large websites.

high quality backlinks

·        Create unique content & Check Plagiarism

Start by producing unique content for your website. When you post articles or blogs that are informative and interesting, other websites would of course link to these.

You must check your blog before publishing either its content is original or not. You can check the plagiarism in the article by passing it through a plagiarism test.

·        Guest posting

Guest posting is another successful means of building backlink. Guest posting is typically free of charge and will guarantee a high-quality connection back to your website.

·        Take assistance from reputable directories

Sometimes, you may want to try to give your site to web directories to get backlinks. Place your name and details on top-quality, human-edited directories.

Getting your link to such popular websites would give you some strong backlinks.

·        Impact of External links

Though external links are significant, you don’t want to neglect the internal connections.

Interlinking the website is a perfect way to enhance the user interface and create a strong framework for connecting them.

Internal links allow users to browse your website more quickly and locate articles and blogs they might well click through.

·        Use images and infographics

Note that the blogs and posts are not the only way to exchange content. Certain types of content, such as images, photographs, or infographics, may also create backlinks.

In reality, because they are easy to understand and display, infographics have rapidly become a common way to create useful backlinks.

·        Engage with audience

 Another way to obtain high-quality backlinks is to get the audience involved. Also, they will reward you with a welcome on their webpage, when you donate money or time to an organization.

There will often be a link pointing back to your website with the thank you. Always, make sure you are identified in relevant organizations, such as the business association. Such domains mostly provide good backlinks.

·        Keep an eye on your competitors

To perform better in SEO, you must focus on your competitors and obtain backlink references, look at their popular keywords, top-performing posts, social media accounts, and more.

You can use SEO Software likePrepostseo Backlink Marker to check for backlinks. It gives a full backlink profile to every website you want to examine.

·        Backlink marker

This natural generator backlinks tool also lets you create backlinks for your websites. It works best for all those recently built websites. It lets you to get free backlinks from different sites, so you can draw traffic from search engines to your web pages.

This tool is fairly easy to use. All you need to do is insert the website URL in the provided input area, and tap to submit tab.

·        Comment on related articles

When you’re extremely cautious with the blog posts that you want to comment on, and if your comments add value to the topic, this approach would help you to get substantial traffic. Your goal is to generate quality backlinks.


Backlink development can be a boring task, but if you’re committed to creating high-quality backlinks on a variety of websites and social media pages in your niche, you can remain in Google’s “good hands” and see an increase in web traffic over time.

Remember that the consistency of your website and content goes a long way in establishing partnerships and maintaining professional relationships with other website owners that might be backlinking to your website.

Make your content relevant and actionable, target highly rating websites, and constantly cultivate qualified online partnerships to create backlink forms that can have a positive effect on your SEO ranking.

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