13 Point SEO Checklist to Increase Organic Leads Easily

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SEO Checklist

If you are viewing this page, you already know the importance of organic search and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

According to HubSpot, 61% of marketers say increasing organic presence and improving SEO is a top priority for inbound marketing.

To stay ahead and keep the organic search presence at its best, you need a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) checklist.

As a result, we have created a 13-point SEO checklist of all the required items needed to help improve organic search quality, optimize content, and increase conversions.

Quality Content

This must be the first item in the SEO checklist. Regardless of the format of the content, it must be valuable to the user and match the user ‘s intent.

To see related content, follow these steps:

  1. Keyword research.

Research to find terms that are important to your target audience. Are you searching for a topic or phrase that you can answer in a related way? Use tools such as Alexa’s competitor keyword matrix to see which keywords your competitors are targeting, keywords that match your competing search profile, and content on other sites that target your audience.

  1. Search for your target keywords.

Once your keyword research is complete, search for the target keyword to see what Google thinks it will find when the user performs the search. Are they looking for something educational? Are they going to buy? This should guide you through what SEO content you create.

Checklist for On-Page SEO:

Continuing with the SEO checklist above, let’s take a look at the SEO checks on the page that can be made to crawl and understand quality content to the eyes of users and search engines.

  1. Check your title tags

Search engines use title tags to understand whether and how the content on a page is useful to their users.

Search engines display multiple search results, so if you have a concise and descriptive title, you know that it’s best for users to click on the link.

  1. Check low word count pages

The amount of text on the page tells the crawler how deep and the quality of the content it can provide. Because the crawler cannot determine the viability of the content, pages with few words may be poorly placed on the SERP.

  1. Add image descriptions

Image alt tags or image descriptions help search engines index non-text content on your site. If you include appropriate keywords in your image description or title, those images will appear in search engine results and may increase traffic to your site. The image description can also help people who use text browsers, screen readers, or other assistive technologies for the visually impaired.

  1. Include relevant meta descriptions

The meta description is the descriptive text under the SERP title tag. It is important to write a compelling meta description even if the search engine does not always display what it describes.

  1. Interlink your articles

On-site links (also called internal links) refer to the way pages on your site connect to each other. On-site links help you navigate the content that visitors provide. It is also a component of the site structure (or hierarchy). Finally, on-site links can help distribute page permissions throughout the site. Improving internal links means improved visitor engagement and quality. It also improves rankings by allowing the crawler to navigate the site and create an index.

  1. Resolve dead-end pages

There is no outgoing link on the dead-end page. When a user or web crawler reaches a dead-end page, it cannot be moved anywhere else on the site. Dead-end pages are inexperienced and can negatively impact search engine optimization.

Checklist for Technical SEO

No matter how good the content is, sites with many technical SEO issues will not reach full ranking capabilities. A technical SEO audit is important and you can start with:

  1. Mobile Friendliness

In early 2018, Google announced that it had begun moving to the Mobile-First Index. This means that if your site is not mobile-friendly, your rankings may drop. Google wants to avoid showing pages with a poor mobile experience when more than half of the users use mobile devices.

  1. Determine broken links

A broken link is a link that returns an error instead of navigating to the linked page, file, or image. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as deleting linked content or moving URLs.

Broken links can negatively impact search engine rankings because they prevent the crawler from creating a complete index of the site. This means that the coverage is low and the ranking is low.

  1. Create a Robots.txt file

You can use a robots.txt file to restrict search engine access to all or part of your site. It can also be used to save site bandwidth. This reduces page speed and load time.

  1. Implement SSL Certification

There is a growing need for secure sites to be ranked by SERP. If there is no secure site, the user will get a security warning and may bounce before the page is displayed. A TTFB high speed Web-hosting with dedicated class-C IP can improve your SERP.

Checklist for Backlinks and Reputation

  1. Get links from top sites

Site reputation and search engine placement are affected by the number of linked sites. The more sites that link to a page, the more reliable and relevant search engines will interpret the site. If the site linking to your page is very authoritative, this is a more powerful signal to search engines that your page is real. Rank your website with the NextGen SEO Company in Bangladesh.


Following this SEO checklist will help you navigate the “required” of the optimized website. Structured schema data also helps to boost your search engine ranking.For more information Understand the True Structure Schema Data Markup on SEO.

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