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Bulk SMS company in Bangladesh
Bhavitra Techsolutions – no.1 bulk sms marketing service provider in Bangladesh

In the current age of highly competitive marketplace, it is important to use every possible marketing method. One of the oldest but most popular and effective is now Bulk SMS (Short Message Service) marketing. Most of the small & medium business and companies now use it to stay in touch with their customers. You can build brand awareness and increase sales. With the low-cost bulk SMS marketing method, the return on investment (ROI) is considerable.

Features of Bulk SMS Marketing

Not all companies offering this service have the same functions. There are certain ones that are important to have for the easiest and most profitable marketing. By comparing features at cost price, you can choose the items that are most important to you without having to pay more than necessary. Some of the features that are available are the following items.

1) The possibility to pay while you work. Being able to buy non-expiring loans means that you do not get entangled in a contract, but have direct access when you need it.

2) It is important to be able to send individual messages. Sometimes it is vital to contact only one client or contact person, without having to contact a whole list.

3) It is important to have as many lists as you need and as many contacts on each list as you wish.

4) It is essential to be able to send mass mailings to your complete list in one go. This saves time to send messages separately. It is also a plus to be able to send the same message to multiple lists.

5) It is important to be able to choose the local area codes. In order to have more influence on the customers and contacts in your region, it is important to make a selection from the local area codes.

6) Another important function is automatic removal when the contact requires it. When a contact requests to be removed from your list, this must be done immediately before another message is sent. A service that automatically does that for you saves you hours of time. The list of people who want to sign out can take a long time and take a lot of time to process.

Pricing of Bulk SMS Marketing

Prices vary between companies. Price is not the only thing that you should consider. You want to compare functions, as well as the price. Nevertheless, the price is important. Keep in mind the conditions for different tariff plans. Lower prices are usually available with those plans that require a large number of messages. If you do not use that much, you should opt for a plan that is more per message, but that you should buy fewer messages.

Bulk SMS marketing offers organizations the opportunity to make quick and efficient contact with their potential buyers by sending text messages to mobile phones. Bulk SMS service can be used to promote product introductions, communicate important sales information and generally provide potential customers with up-to-date information about the company.

Bulk SMS marketing service

There are many advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing.

1) One is simply the fact that you can send a message to many people at the same time. Bulk SMS is an extremely convenient and efficient one-touch approach to reach an extremely large target market.

2) Bulk SMS marketing is also a very personal form of communication. Customers and customers have become accustomed to regularly receiving personal text messages from friends and family and seeing them as a personal way of communicating. By signing up for receiving text messages, potential customers and customers will, therefore, want to build their relationship with the company.

3) Mobile text marketing is a very effective way for local entrepreneurs to deal with the local community. It provides a platform for local businesses to connect with customers about special store events, local sales and news, and developments in the local community.

4) Bulk SMS is also used to quickly give people a memory instead of a long message. By quickly sending messages, business owners can save a lot of time in preparing the message that needs to be sent, and also make a lot of money to hire someone to create the message themselves.

5) Do not forget that the majority of people who own mobile phones will take them everywhere.

6) This means that organisations can always come into contact with their clients base whenever they want. If a sale takes place within a few hours, a message can be sent to their loyal customer base to point out this development.

7) For classification purposes, mobile SMS marketing is really in its early stages, because most people cannot understand how powerful this stuff is. Only the large business conglomerates

How to Make it Online Rendering Bulk SMS Service Delivery

Text message is a major source of income in today’s mobile industry in Bangladesh and in the diaspora. Most people love text SMS and money is also made by people engaged in texting. According to Bhavitra Techsolutions, more than 45 billion SMS messages are sent each year in Bangladesh. The number is still growing as the country’s telecense is shifting to the 80 and 100 million SMS subscribers. And since people like to send and receive text messages, it is becoming one of the most powerful market platforms in the world after the internet.

Now not only the normal subscribers love text messaging, large and powerful organizations are lurking with text messaging as a marketing tool to reach millions of mobile subscribers faster, cheaper and directly with their advertising promotions. Now with online bulk SMS tools, hundreds of GSM subscribers are reached with the same message at the touch of a button, saving you energy and resources that are usually wasted on the old and conventional way of advertising. With this discovery, hundreds of millions of Bangladesh would be spent by small, medium and large companies on text messaging, marketing and promotion. Aside from the popularity of SMS as a faster, cheaper, personal way of publicity, it has more applications in every business. In fact, any company that wants to continue to patronize customers must use bulk messaging. Regular ads, such as the magazine, newspaper, takes time to reach the consumer.  Sometimes the people you target may not even see your ad. But text messages go directly to their phones and they will read them immediately, while others might even call you back for more information.

Major industries that are using bulk sms marketing
Major Industries that are using bulk sms service

And with the internet, bulk SMS becomes even more useful because companies can label their text messages with their name so that consumers can immediately read them as soon as they are received. The internet also makes it easier for you to sell bulk SMS to your consumers anywhere in the Bangladesh. The service works as one that opens an email account on yahoo. You open such accounts for your customer with all facilities for sending bulk mail. As soon as they register with you, they will be your customers as long as that relationship remains.

The question now is what it is for me? How can I benefit? How do I earn money with this? What are the returns on investment? When these questions arise to you, look at a company with all the potential for big profit and that is Bulk SMS service. I call it the company for the “simple” man. If you are looking for an online business that regularly generates money for you, I recommend bulk SMS reseller service. Trust me, it’s a bomb making money on the internet.

Market potential

The market potential is huge, it is determined by the number of subscribers in the country, we now go to 80 million subscribers from the population of 160 million, according to the 2006 census. Imagine that we have already grown in recent years. So, the numbers continue to grow and so does the market potential to make more profit.

Your profit potential

Bulk SMS are a volume-oriented service with a big advantage for the growing buyer base. As a wholesale Bulk SMS reseller, you have a platform with which you can keep your customers as soon as they have registered with you. They are therefore obliged to stay with you to regularly purchase Bulk SMS from you. And with the constant tread: if you have only 1,000 customers registered and they can only purchase 5,000 bulk SMS per month, that’s 50,00,000, but your profit can be around 500,000TK a month. Good business, right?

Competition and marketing challenges

Do not think that others will fold their hands and only see you who are the wholesaler of Bulk SMS resellers. No, of course! You are going to face the competition like in any other company. At least, you should know that you are not the only one reading this step-by-step guide now. But the secret to dealing with competition is to market yourself in way that it looks like you’re the only one who offering those services. Yes! That is what you have to do. And one way to do that is by identifying who your target market is and by device strategies to keep bombarding them with your offer until everyone who needs your service has registered with you. Here is my guide to Online Bulk SMS reseller Service! Follow it religiously and you will never make mistakes.

For more information about Bulk SMS Marketing and get the best Bulk SMS service in Bangladesh for your online business.

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