SEO Strategy in 2023- How to Outrank Your Competition with Image SEO

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With the ever-growing SEO market competition often, it is difficult to compete with your competition and even replace them.  If you’re unfamiliar with advanced SEO strategy in 2023 and would like to understand the best way to improve the quality of your images on your website, we are here to assist. 

Through this post, an SEO service agency based in Bangladesh will examine how to optimize the images on your website efficiently and increase traffic to your website.

Image SEO is essential

A lot of people focus on image SEO strategy in 2023 and spend all their energy on optimizing content. However, this isn’t the correct method to optimize websites. There’s a large portion of traffic produced by image searches and it’s a largely unappreciated concept.

 It’s undervalued because it isn’t too complicated or difficult to implement. However, the truth is that if you apply the techniques for optimizing images correctly you are likely that you’ll get plenty of traffic.

Image SEO is a great strategy in 2023 to surpass your competitors since, when you employ this technique you will be able to rank on the top of your rival by gaining access to the top Google results for images. 

With the many advantages associated with SEO solutions, we’ll dive into and discover how you can create an effective image SEO strategy in 2023 that will beat your competition.


Discoverability is the most significant factor on which you should concentrate the greater image’s visibility to Google the more images will show up in results. Uploading images to your site isn’t enough. You must include images in an XML sitemap, similar to the normal sitemap of our website. 

As far as an SEO strategy in 2023 is concerned, the sitemap’s image will allow crawlers to know the number of images available on your website and the crawlers will be able to index them in a speedier manner.


As far as an SEO strategy in 2023 is concerned when creating a brand new website most people don’t take note of their Robots.txt file. Through omissions, they miss the robots.txt file can block images’ crawl ability and hinders searching for images. Make sure that you check whether the Robots.txt file isn’t blocking any vital resource on your website.

Don’t forget to check captions on images

Images’ captions provide additional information to users since they can learn more about specific images. As far as an SEO strategy 2023 is concerned Google will always provide images that are optimized and contain all the essential information the user requires to be aware of. If the images explain certain events or incidents ensure that you provide brief and clear captions for the photo.

Include all the necessary information

As far as an SEO strategy in 2023 is concerned the most effective way to stand out from the competition with image search is to include all of the necessary information in the image as a lot of people do not do this. 

It doesn’t matter if the image’s file name the alt tag or caption, you should never leave any area unfilled because it’s a great possibility for your company to flourish. Concentrate more specifically on the images’ alt Tags since Google’s search engine robots heavily rely on this one factor to determine the context of your images.

If the images are just to be used for decoration, then you are able to keep the Alt tag blank as Google does not require the details. As far as an SEO strategy in 2023 is concerned, if you can optimize your images you can also get visitors under different web compliances such as ADA and WCAG. Because the compliances are made to assist disabled people Your site will be able to thrive within this section.

Image size is important

In this age of mobile-friendly websites, it is essential to make sure that your images don’t make your website slow. As far as an SEO strategy in 2023 is concerned, to be ahead of your competition in image search it is essential to ensure that your images are of top quality. However, they should be smaller in size. It is possible to use any tool for image compression to perform unrestricted compression, and then put them on your website.

When you follow this procedure in SEO strategy in 2023 and follow the previous steps, there is a high chance that your photos will be displayed on the first search webpage of Google. 

It is also possible to conduct an instant test: do a search on any query and then check which images are ranked in the initial results. You’ll find that nearly all of the images are smaller in size but fulfill their function.

Use schema markup for images

Google ranks websites that are organized properly using schema markups. Make use of schema to mark up every important image you have since it provides bots searching for them a better understanding of the image.

As far as an SEO strategy in 2023 is concerned, if you have an e-commerce site, managing the photos with schema markups becomes more vital. When you can organize your images with schema markups it gives you an advantage over your competition.


Bhavitra techsolution, a top web application development company based in Bangladesh is here to assist. These were the most effective methods for image SEO strategy in 2023 to get an advantage and surpass your competitors. Follow these easy steps and you’ll see a rise in your traffic to your images too. You can also get assistance by contacting a web design company located in Bangladesh.

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