ECommerce Website Development – What are the important features

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Don’t be discouraged by online stores due to Amazon, eBay, and iHerb. With over 2 billion digital customers worldwide, creating an ECommerce Website Development is an excellent business concept. However, making a well-groomed online shop that stands apart from the rest requires more than a pretty layout and effective SEO.

Making a catchy unique store name that is memorable for your website’s home address is a good way to begin. Creating an effective marketing strategy, in the beginning, will give you an edge. In terms of the design and development of your website, we’ve reviewed the elements that make a great ECommerce Website Development along with several important things to keep in mind when designing the best online store.

Must-have Features for ECommerce Website Development

• Friendly interface for users

It could be as simple as having images that can be clicked that allow users to look for text, or an autocomplete feature in the search bar. The goal of an intuitive design is to help users find what they need in the shortest number of steps in ECommerce Website Development

• High-resolution visual content

In ECommerce Website Development, images of products from various perspectives and video reviews aid shoppers in making the right choice. However, visitors’ numbers could decrease with the page speed of loading if you aren’t thinking about the technical aspect.

• Review by a user reviews

In ECommerce Website Development, A feature that lets customers share their experiences of a product, either favorable or not, aids customers make better buying choices and boosts the credibility of your site.

• mobile-friendly ECommerce Website Development

Based on research, 48 percent of the time spent online is derived from 5.112 billion smartphone users. That’s two-thirds of the population. Another report on statistics states that 79 percent of smartphone users bought something on their smartphone within the last six months. With such statistics, the need to adjust your ECommerce Website Development style to mobile devices is an absolute requirement.

Important features for eCommerce website development

Website security and safety

Every Internet user would like to be bitten by bugs while browsing the web, however, it’s not only the security of their PC which is at risk. As an ECommerce Website Development company in Bangladesh, you keep large amounts of information about your products and customers who sign up to purchase on your ECommerce Website Development, therefore security is among the most essential eCommerce website needs. Any breach of this data could put your company at risk. Your contacts’ information about leads could be sold and stolen or completely lose crucial information.

A website that is not secure can earn you a poor reputation on Google as well as different search engines. A few months ago, Google started flagging websites that didn’t have an SSL certificate or HTTPS protocol. They’re more than suggestions or warnings; they mean that users aren’t able to access websites that don’t have these two components as well as you may be losing orders if your certificate is expired.

Optimization prior to and during ECommerce Website Development

In the case of bad reputations, Google’s latest benefit for users is that they flag websites with poor loading speeds. In the past, people would click on a hyperlink and wait for it to load, and then return when it didn’t load quickly enough, they could even skip going to a site that has a slow loading speed altogether.

As per research, if a page takes more than five minutes for loading, then the chance of visitors abandoning the page increase by 90% percent. This is a good reason to think about optimizing and ensuring that your website is running at its peak performance.

It is a part of adding keywords in the content that you post on your website, in addition to metadata to pages such as titles and descriptions as well as images. A lot of experts do not realize that users will find you using images but only if they include descriptions that are ‘alt’ to the content of your image.

Another factor that many companies avoid is engaging an SEO specialist in the early phases of the ECommerce Website Development. At a minimum the website must be launched with all required meta tags, however, the SEO expert Dhaka can also assist with organizing page design and structure, establishing a content strategy, developing an optimized mobile design, increasing the speed of loading, along with other vital aspects.

Search and filtering capabilities for websites

Users use the search bar even on sites that don’t sell anything, and if yours has a product, you should provide advanced search capabilities in ECommerce Website Development. For instance, an advanced feature could be an image search, where users can upload photos of a product they love and the search engine will attempt to locate an item that is like, if not exactly identical.

Categories are only required in cases where users don’t know what they’re looking for and require some help. In other instances it’s easy to locate the item they’re looking for in a few clicks. A few users may not remember the name of a product and so it’s a good idea to label your product with keywords and synonyms.

Issues with registration and other related matters

There’s a distinct advantage to signing up for an ECommerce Website Development, such as keeping track of your shopping history or delivery address.

Take a look at the number of accounts that you’ve got on the internet. Similar to the average user, you may have a variety of accounts for various things. Some prefer not to sign up on a different website in order to place a one-time purchase.

If the prospect of making a sale is more important than getting the personal information of a few customers onto your database, consider the possibility of incorporating a guest checkout function into your eCommerce website. There are many other methods to remind visitors of your web address, for instance, putting it on the package that you ship with your order and at the bottom of your message with the number of the shipment.

Registration forms aren’t the only choice; you could also request users to sign in using social media or fill out a simple registration form with their name, email address, and number. In either case, you can create an auto-generated account for them and send users the login details.

Payment options

Offering all possible payment options may be too much if you’re only developing an eCommerce website, however, the fact that you only have one payment option is limiting to customers who choose this payment method.

However, unexpected shipping costs (55 percent), as well as a lengthy checkout procedure (26 percent), are the primary reasons behind customers leaving their shopping carts as per the 2019 Payment Methods Report 6 percent of them will abandon your site because they didn’t have enough payment choices.

Based on the kind of products you’re selling, you may want to check out other options that involve cryptocurrency, as it continues to grow in popularity.

Shipping costs

As previously mentioned, sudden shipping charges are the main reason for 55% of shoppers leaving their online shopping carts. This could be due to the fact that they’re not aware of the prices or anticipated a lower amount or they are charged extra costs.

Shopping online is about convenience, and if you don’t offer free delivery it is essential to have detailed details about shipping rates and options on the menu, with links on each page of the product page.

CMS integration

In ECommerce Website Development, the content management program (CMS) allows you to organize and store all your written and visual content and marketing documents in one location. It allows you to edit or add new information and modifications will be automatically posted on your website after they have been posted.

CMS can also help you manage your staff. CMS will also allow employees quickly respond to complaints from customers. You can choose a pre-built solution like PrestaShop, OpenCart, or Magento. These are open-source solutions which means you can easily integrate them into your website code

Mobile functionality in ECommerce Website Development

Based on the latest review that more than 50% of online transactions are completed using a mobile device. Although consumers are more likely to purchase from mobile apps you’ll also get a higher conversion rate when your eCommerce site is able to adapt to the mobile web. For instance, many companies were able to increase their site conversions by 20% following the release of a responsive design. They also announced a stunning 98 percent increase in mobile purchases.

Given that more and more people are using smartphones each year, it’s sensible to invest in a responsive design that can be adapted to typography and size of images, and special features specifically designed for mobile, like hidden menus. The mobile website should be optimized for the descriptions of products.

A site design that is compatible with the items you sell

Your website’s colors must match and complement the items you sell. For instance, if you’re developing an eCommerce site for gaming or fandom-related merchandise — the font or background that is associated with it must be a clear representation of the range of merchandise available on this site.

Food-related eCommerce can benefit from the yellow, green, and purple hues as these colors encourage appetite. In ECommerce Website Development, it is also important to have plenty of white space to ensure the layout of the website and the food items do not clash with one another.

Good shopping cart design in ECommerce Website Development

There are no statistics to show us that internet users love simple but efficient shopping carts. Simple shopping carts require only a few steps however there are many ways to improve their performance.
As an example, you may have three kinds of users that are registered, unregistered, and those who would prefer to remain as guests. The first step is when a user clicks an item in the cart may prompt them to log in, sign up, or purchase as guests.

Customers should be automatically directed to their shopping carts when they log in or register and having to search to find identical items over and over again could be a hassle. However, you can make an all-in-one checkout, in which the entire process will be displayed within a single, dynamic window that is updated automatically whenever users input data.

In ECommerce Website Development, you could also integrate upselling and cross-selling into your cart shopping by creating sections of products that may be of interest to a buyer. It’s something you should think about when you begin your eCommerce site creation process because you must decide on what you will do to identify the products that will be most useful to the particular customer.

Properly designed product showcase and descriptions

In ECommerce Website Development, alongside simplicity, users appreciate high-quality content. The drawback of online buying is that shoppers aren’t able to touch or see the product, or even test it out, therefore the only information they have to base their informed choice is the description of the product. The addition of individual measurements to clothing or instruments, a purpose for the instruments, and the energy consumption of appliances can all be used to convince consumers to purchase your product.

Contacts for customer support and contact information

In the Payment Methods Report, Millennials appreciate personalization, like individual recommendations from a customer support representative. Although eCommerce businesses try to provide this service and provide customer support, it helps customers to resolve issues related to returns, shipping, payments as well as other issues.

It’s a good idea to have contact information on your site along with an information bar on the top of each page with an option to call or email. A physical address, as well as a contact number listed on the site (store main office, warehouse), will automatically increase your credibility. In ECommerce Website Development, think about including WhatsApp numbers, Facebook Messenger chat bit, or any other chat option for those younger people who do not typically like calling.

Social evidence

Feedback from customers is always a good way to increase the credibility of your website, so consider the best way to collect and showcase it. This could include written reviews or product unboxing or you could have the possibility for users to upload their video reviews as well as product photos on the website. You can also have the option to add comments on the primary page and include links to products that were evaluated.

Marketing strategy

If you’re launching the website on the basis of an actual store or are just beginning your journey into retail A good marketing strategy that is developed with your website could provide you with an advantage in the initial orders. It also defines the design of the site and identifies the key elements which make up an excellent one.

The process of creating a digital marketing strategy, in the beginning, will help you determine what features you’ll require. For instance, you may be looking to include sharing options on social platforms or notifications via push, both for desktop browsers as well as mobile devices. It is more effective to create this function while you are developing the website, rather than once it’s been launched

Articles of support

Another aspect to consider is the documentation that pertains to your website’s use along with the policy that governs it. Sections that include FAQs about shipping, return policy, cookies as well as privacy and security policies should be available on your online store once it’s live and operational.


There’s a lot to take into consideration when creating an eCommerce site is an understatement for the year. We’ve seen every aspect, feature, and technology you require to create an efficient, user-friendly and efficient online store that is able to draw customers. It’s not an easy task regardless of whether you’re using WordPress, eCommerce plugins, or software such as Shopify.

If you choose to employ an eCommerce web development firm it is crucial to choose one that will create the perfect online store for you in terms of both design and function. If you choose to build an efficient online store that differentiates your business from other companies, contact our team to gain more insight into the process of eCommerce business website development.

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