Why Laravel is Best PHP Framework For eCommerce Web Development

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Laravel Framework for eCommerce web development
All in one web development with PHP based framework Laravel

During this covid pandemic situation, we are all trying to maintain social distance to avoid coronavirus. Now people used to focus on staying home. In this situation, online businesses and online shopping play the biggest role. Ecommerce websites are one of them. Earlier eCommerce web development involved commodity trade. But now a day’s eCommerce application is involved in our daily life. Meanwhile, the government also takes a decision on buyer protection to avoid fraud.

Ecommerce websites are basically serving B2B and B2C into a single vendor and multi-vendor levels. Earlier shopkeepers depended only on local customers. Now people are getting habituated with online shopping. Now all the shopkeepers and shop owners are enlisted as a vendor and explore their reach and engagement to the next level.

Single Vendor Marketplace

Laravel is used for single vendor shopping cart development. Where vendors sell their own goods to their website.

Multi Vendor Marketplace

Laravel technology is also used for multi-vendor ecommerce or marketplace development. In a multi-vendor ecommerce system where multiple vendors list their products to their shop and sell goods from the website. Vendors easily increase their reach and conversion from their website.

Convert Laravel eCommerce into a marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products on your website. It will be a one-stop solution for your buyers to get different purchase options from multiple vendors so as to increase conversions on your website.

Web development with PHP Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework: A Brief Insight

Laravel is the php based open source MVC framework. Laravel introduced as a web application development. MVC stands for model, view, and controller. MVC is the advanced architecture of web application development.


In dynamic application development, the main concern is the model. Which implies the logic of data domain applications. It is used for data storage and retrieving information in a SQL and NoSQL database.


View is used for user experience where users can interact directly. It is an application user interface. In a form textboxes, dropdown list, radio buttons etc. which users can directly interact and fill data.


In the MVC application controller interacts with models and views. Also handled user input and requests.

In the earlier stage of eCommerce websites, the major products were commodities and trading. Now eCommerce development is on the next level. The major population eCommerce involves in daily life also deals in pets, emotions, etc.

This phase of ecommerce development customer satisfactions, product reviews, comments which proves genuine products, accuracy and buyer protection to avoid fraud.

Statistics of Laravel:

We have observed the ecommerce businesses the growth are really unpredicted which is 265% growth rate from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021, says Statista. 39.9% of websites powered by WordPress after that also for custom websites and ecommerce people are beloved with laravel. World largest social networking site Facebook also developed in custom php. 

Why laravel is so popular open source ecommerce

Laravel is a popular MVC based open source development tool for creating websites, shopping carts and web applications. Laravel is CLI ( command Line Interface) based command system with leverage with composer to manage dependencies and packages. Which help laravel to fast track development with these packages.

Laravel 8 introduced 8th Sept 2020 along with some attractive features which brings it to the next level.  Like Jetstream, migration class, model class, advanced dynamic blade components, authorizations etc.

Bundled features in Laravel

Laravel is an amalgamation of excellence enterprise ecommerce web app development. Laravel is a hot demanding mvc based php framework along with great customization functionality. The code customization code driven approach and most widest community along with its pack of functionality to scaling your business growth. Laravel is hot for its popular features like 

  • Scalability  and flexibility
  • Strong security
  • Lesser cost.
  • Support MVC Architecture.
  • Blade template engine.
  • High search engine indexability.
  • Extremely customizable.
  • Localization support.
  • Light-weight technology
  • Fast load time.

CMS Tools for open source ecommerce on Laravel for less coding skills?

Aimeos — A Laravel based online shop solution package. Free & open-source.

Vanilo — This is also an e-commerce framework (like Magento or Prestashop) for Laravel.

GetCandy — A Laravel e-commerce API. Free & open-source.

Lumen — Lumen is the laravel based blazing fast APIs. 

Laravel Technical Approach

After the introduction of Laravel 8.x, it is a lightweight CLI-based interface. Laravel by default docker environment in MySQL we used locally for the home-based environment. 

We can use the Sail environment or composer based command line interface.

Sail allows Fast setup for the development environment and database for our local environment.

Creating Sail environment

Laravel Sail introduced from laravel  8 onwards.

Now we can run this command to existing project using sail:

  • composer require Laravel/sail –dev
  • PHP artisan sail: install

Start Development environment ./vendor/bin/sail up 

  • Command for migration,  database/migrations/{date}_create_ingredients_table.php
  • Command for controller,  app/Http/Controllers/IngredientController.php
  • Command for model app/Models/Ingredient.php
  • A seeder, in database/seeders/IngredientSeeder.php

Creating a first e-commerce Laravel project:

  • Install wampp or xampp for PHP and MySQL.
  • Install composer.
  • Run the first CLI command composer global require Laravel/installer
  • Creating Ecommerce App composer create-project Laravel/Laravel eCommerce-app
  • And go to the project folder CLI command cd create-project
  • Now onwards all CLI commands run under artisan.
  • Run-on development environment PHP artisan serve

Creating a Controller for laravel project:

  • Php artisan make:controller UserController

Creating a Model for laravel project:

  • Php artisan make: model model
  • Note: table name will be the plural form of the model name.

Creating a Migration for laravel project:

Php artisan make:migration create_student_table

Creating a Seeder for laravel project:

  • php artisan make:seeder UserSeeder

Creating a View for laravel project:


Laravel is a PHP-based MVC framework that supports server-side rendering (SSR). Default Laravel running with Vue.Js as frontend. Laravel is the fastest PHP framework. Laravel also generates JSON data along with an amazing coding structure. 

Without PHP coding skills and MVC, Laravel framework adoption is not possible. Laravel is a fully-featured MVC framework with high-class support in JSON.

The Eloquent ORM has a capacity for complex schema monetization. The artisan support helps to streamline this development of advanced coding practice. 

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