Web Design Services Vs Graphic Design – Brief Comparison

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Graphic design Vs Web design

When you are new to the design world, you may be confused about the difference between graphic design and web design. This is understandable because both appear similar. Newcomers are often in the same boat as you. 

It may seem like web design and graphic design are basically the same. These two disciplines differ in many ways.

A web development company in Bangladesh is here to discuss an important topic. Firstly, let’s try to understand web design and graphic design with their definitions before we discuss their main differences.

How Does Web Design Work?

Web design is the process of planning, imagining, and managing online content. Furthermore, Web design also involves designing web apps, mobile apps, and user interWeb designers can create a new website or update an existing one.

A graphic designer plans and projects ideas with visual and textual content.

How Does Graphic Design Work?

Graphic designers plan and develop concepts with texts and images. The visuals could be an image for a business or as complicated as layouts for pages on a site.

Illustrations of Graphic Design

  • Flyers and postcards.
  • Infographics.
  • Newspaper and magazine ads.
  • Email marketing templates.
  • Banners, posters as well as billboards.
  • Brochures (print and digital)
  • Trade show and signage exhibits.
  • Vehicle wraps.


Many people are confused between web design services and graphic designing careers. If you’re just beginning and are unsure of the two professions, it is important to be aware of the distinction before you decide which one you want to choose.

Thus, sometimes web-based projects will employ Graphic designers, believing that they have the same knowledge as web designers. If you are looking to create appealing images that convey your concept effectively and you aren’t concerned about how your finished project will appear on the web and how it will look, then a Graphic Designer is a good choice.

Of course, it’s crucial for those seeking a new career. Both areas require different abilities, with Graphic Design focusing on the creative side of. Furthermore, Web Design emphasizes programming and an understanding of the internet. They also save drowning websites

Web Designing vs Graphic Designing

Web designers should know CSS HTML, CSS etc. Whereas Graphic designers deal with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc

Web design is dynamic. Graphic design is a permanent process.

Web design has been described as Interactive Graphic designing is static

Their core duty is to convey the core message. The graphic designer’s core obligation is to define the image of the brand

Salary $51,424/yr. Average salary of $46,369/yr

The difference Between Web Designing as well Graphic Designing

If you’re still having no concept of what web designing and graphic design are, let’s look at their own way. 

Web design can be dynamic and the graphic design is long-lasting.

If a graphic designer creates the cover of a book it is impossible to make modifications to the design. This is the reason the graphic design is forever.

Web design is however dynamic. It is able to alter and evolve. Every couple of years, companies may undergo some changes to their website. SEO trends evolve and businesses must remain relevant. It is also important for E-commerce website design services in Bangladesh

web design is more or less interactive. graphic design is static.

With web design, you have the ability to communicate with web design. When you click the button, you can move through different websites. There could be motion graphics on a page.

In comparison to Web designing, Graphic design is not as interactive. It is visible and touches it, but it’s not changing as the user interacts with it.

web design VsGraphic design -Salary Expectations

The median salary for a web designer you can expect to earn is $44,332 per year. For entry-level positions in graphic design, the salary of a graphic designer is expected to be around $39,311 per annum. Graphic designers with the highest level of expertise can make up to $53,000 annually.

However, Web designers can be paid significantly more than graphic designers. The average pay web designers earn is $57,424 annually. A Web designer who is entry-level earns approximately $43,000. Designers with the highest level of visual design can expect to earn about $64,000 per year.

Which is better for Web designing or graphic Designing?

Both Web Design services along with Graphic Design is in high demand and both pay decently. However, the issue is which one is better in this lengthy comparison? In the below graph the blue line denotes Web design, while the red line is a reference to graphic design.

As you will see, the demand for web-based design was always very high in comparison to graphic design. If you’re eager to become proficient quick, then graphic design is the right option for you.


In the end, the major distinction between Web Designing and Graphic Designing can be seen in the fact that Web creating is the method of sketching, creating, and managing online content.

 The two fields of Web Designing services and Graphic Designing are highly sought-after and both pay well in relation to pay expectations.

We hope that what we’ve discussed above will help you to know the difference in Web Designing vs Graphic Designing. If you require more details concerning web designing services help and web application development assistance web design and website development company in Bangladesh can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can graphic designers become Web designers?

Yes, however, graphic designers must learn the essential technical and non-technical abilities required for becoming a web designer.

Which is more effective graphic designing or web design?

There is quite an overlap between both of these fields. You have to contact the top 10 web designing companies in Bangladesh

Who pays more as a Web designer or developer?

When compared to Graphic Designers Web designers are better paid. The median salary for Graphic designers is $46,369 per year, while the median salary for Graphic designers is $51,424/yr.

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